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About UsIDeal Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a world leader in security and automation system, mainly focus on Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Integrated Terminal, RFID Reader and cards, Barrier Gate,Barrier Radar Detector, Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Access Systems.


IDLTECH devote to design and manufacture Face Recognition Terminal, Long Range RFID Reader for Automatic Vehicle Identification,RFID Cards and RFID Transponders, Access Control System, Parking System,Barrier Gate, Loop Detector, Turnstile Gate, Surveillance System, etc. for more than ten years. With strong capacity of R&D, marketing and manufacturer, IDLTECH strive to supply our customers with leading-edge products, solutions, installation and after-sale service.


IDLTECH has complete production integration capabilities for RFID Reader, Vehicle Management and Access Control System. We can provide systematic and comprehensive solutions for different customers. Now we have many agents and customers worrldwide. The products have been widely used in the administration center, business center, large factories, mines, military, universities, banks, various intelligent communities, etc..


"Customers' success is IDLTECH success". IDLTECH care about customers' satisfaction and will provide best products and solutions for customers worldwide. Join us and let's work together to your sucess.


About Us

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