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Barrier Gate Debugging!

Photonic limit switch minitrim We have adjust the photonic limit switch at well work position before selling, no need to adjust again at normal condition. If want to adjust it, please put the pole at vertical or horizontal position, loosen the screws of light blocking layer, and turn it until indicator on. Red color is horizontal limit position; green color is as vertical limit position.

How to install Loop for the Loop Detector?

All permanent loop installations should be installed in the roadway by cutting slots with a masonry cutting disc or similar device. A 45°crosscut should be made across the loop corners to reduce the chance of damage that can be caused to the loop cable at right angle corners.

Long Range RFID Reader Troubleshooting!

(1) Reader power light off Reason Analysis: not connect the power well or power supply damaged; Solutions: Connect power supply or change power supply. (2) Cannot read card Reason Analysis: put the card in wrong place; no battery in card; card damaged; reader problem; Solutions: install card and battery correctly; exchange card/reader.

How to Choose the Right RFID for Parking System?

Choosing a RFID reader can be a confusing task to those who are new to RFID. The followings are some comparison among the RFID reader. Hope it can help you.

How does IDL Bluetooth RFID System Work?

The Bluetooth Long Range RFID Reader can read up to 20 meters and the reading distance is adjustable. It has strict 60 degree direction and can penetrate through the cars’ anti-explosion metal film. Besides, the long range reader uses the infrared synchronous communication technology and microwave technology which can realize the non-stop entry and exit parking system, non-stop counting system for vehicle, non-stop attendance system for bus and so on.

Why use Advertising Automatic Door?

The traditional access door uses the door closers and ordinary materials which is very inconvenient for business or double hands to pass. By contrast, intelligent advertising door adopts light box design that looks high-end atmosphere.


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