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Please take care of the copy cards in the market!

Note: Recently there are some copy cards in the market. To protect your property and interests, please buy from the offical agent. Our readers and cards adopt the imported goods components and good ba

Face Recognition with Temperature Measurement Device is online

Face Recognition with Temperature Measurement Integrated Device to detect face, temperature and mask

Long Range Reader Parking System

The RFID System manily includes Long Range RFID Reader which can help you realize hands-free in/out of parking lot.

"IP" parking management system is based on "IP" software platform

IDLTECH integrates long range reader and TCP/IP controller to develop TCP/IP RFID parking system which greatly simplifies parking system development and design.

Barrier Radar Detetor to Replace Loop Detector

Barrier Radar Detetor to Replace Loop Detector

Free of Parking Management System

The traditional parking management system usually adopts manual management and the efficiency is very low. When owners entry or exit, they must roll down the window and swipe card, especially in bad weather. It brings lots of inconvenience for the owners.

Beijing recently launched a pilot project for Smart Parking

Many people may have such experience that finally have time to drive to mall and do shopping, but it takes more than 20 minutes to take the card to the parking lot. After shopping, people still need to queue for a long time to pay parking fees and go home. At this time, we may regret why not drive and why not take taxi and so on.

High-quality Turnstile Gate

Tripod barrier is D&R by our company, though equip different read/write device to finish intelligent control and management.


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