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Please take care of the copy cards in the market!

Note: Recently there are some copy cards in the market. To protect your property and interests, please buy from the offical agent. Our readers and cards adopt the imported goods components and good ba

Face Recognition with Temperature Measurement Device is online

Face Recognition with Temperature Measurement Integrated Device to detect face, temperature and mask

Long Range Reader Parking System

The RFID System manily includes Long Range RFID Reader which can help you realize hands-free in/out of parking lot.

"IP" parking management system is based on "IP" software platform

IDLTECH integrates long range reader and TCP/IP controller to develop TCP/IP RFID parking system which greatly simplifies parking system development and design.

Barrier Radar Detetor to Replace Loop Detector

Barrier Radar Detetor to Replace Loop Detector

CPSE 2017 The 16th China Public Security Expo

CPSE 2017 The 16th China Public Security Expo is one of the largest security exhibition.

Welcome to Intersec Dubai 2016

The last edition in January 2015 featured 1,234 exhibitors and welcomed more than 27,303 visitors from 118 countries which made it the largest Intersec of all times.If you are responsible for security or safety, Intersec is the must attend event for you!

Barrier Gate Debugging!

Photonic limit switch minitrim We have adjust the photonic limit switch at well work position before selling, no need to adjust again at normal condition. If want to adjust it, please put the pole at vertical or horizontal position, loosen the screws of light blocking layer, and turn it until indicator on. Red color is horizontal limit position; green color is as vertical limit position.

How to install Loop for the Loop Detector?

All permanent loop installations should be installed in the roadway by cutting slots with a masonry cutting disc or similar device. A 45°crosscut should be made across the loop corners to reduce the chance of damage that can be caused to the loop cable at right angle corners.

2024 RFID market is expected to reach USD 30.2 billion in sales

According to IDTechEx latest research, RFID market, including passive and active RFID tags, RFID readers, Software and service, will grow from USD 7.88 billion in 2013 to USD 9.2 billion this year. This indicates that the market will increase 17% within one year. The growth amount on the market most attributes to active RFID and RTLS solutions, interrogators and tags. Passive UHF label market grows rapidly.


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