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2.4G RFID Card/Tag IDL-RGT01

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2.4G RFID Card/Tag IDL-RGT01
2.4G Active RFID Card is a king of long range RFID Card/RFID tag with high-performance and ultra-low power consumption.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Function Features 
1) Anti-collision capability
2) Globally compatible ISM band 2.45GHZ
3) Unique power saving mode design
4) Long duration period of 2 years
5)Solid state encapsulation, preventive of high strength dropping and vibration
6)Mainly used in Personnel Position, Anti-lost for high value things, etc.. 

Technical Parameters
Working Frequency:2.400-2.480GHz
Identification Distance: Max 80m
Distance Adjustment: two grades adjustable 
RFID Card Type: Read-only, can compatible with ID or IC card
Anti-dismantle Function: Anti-dismantle optional  
Sending Power: 0dbm
Receive Sensibility: -85dbm
Static Current: <1µA
Average Current: <7µA
Battery: CR2032  1 pcs(exchangeable)
Battery Lifespan: >2 years
Working Temperature:      -40℃ ~+80℃
Storage Temperature:-60℃ ~+85℃
Working Humidity:< 85%
Free Dropping:1m/3m on concrete floor   Weight:     9.5g
Dimension: 54 x 27 x 8mm

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