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8 inch Face Temperature Measurement Terminal with RFID Reader

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Integrated with face recognition and temperature detection, it is a convenient and safe visual face recognition terminal.
Function Features
Technical Parameters
1. Introduction
Integrated with face recognition and temperature detection, it is a convenient and safe visual face recognition terminal. This product can be applied in communities, access control channels, face attendance, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and other places, which helps to achieve intelligent security control management.
Based on face recognition, it is added a new built-in thermal imaging temperature measurement module. When a person is performing face recognition, it can measure their forehead and facial skin temperature at the same time. In a non-contact, accurate, reliable, efficient, and non-perceiving manner, the terminal will issue an abnormal warning to those whose temperature exceeds a certain threshold and show their temperature.
At the same time, it has the function of AI intelligent detection of human faces, detection whether to wear a mask and refusing to pass or sign in without a mask.
2. Function Features 
1) 8 cores processor high performance hardware;
2) High capacity visiting history records;
3) Working for wired network or WIFI, optional for 4G;
4) CNC aluminum housing and oxidation processing;
5) Optional for wall or column installation;
6) IC or ID card reader optional;
7)Fast recognition and dynamic AI comparison;
8) Living body detection and night vision;
9) Convenient and safe visitor mechanism;
10) Effective recognition distance 0.5 to 3 meters;
11) Unique privacy protection mode;
12) Voice speaking supported;
13)IP65 waterproof;
14) Easy installation and can be used for many places.
3. Face Recognition and Body Temperature Integration—Practicality and Aesthetics
     Insist on producing integrated equipments. 
    Do not make an external thermal sensor for low cost. 
    Adhere to quality, ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, and ensure the waterproof and dustproof performance outdoors.

4.   Integrated Body, No Screw Hole

Insist on producing integrated equipments. Adhere to quality to ensure waterproof and dustproof performance outdoors.

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Hardware Configuration


8 core, 1.4Ghz


1GB DDR3 800MHz




Resolution 800*1280, IPS

Visible Light Camera

2 million HD pixels 

Infrared Camera

2 million HD pixels 


IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz


Bluetooth 4.0


Differential MIC input / 3W stereo speakers

LED Lights

3-way LED light control interface (red, green, white)

Power Supply

12V,  anti-surge and static electricity



Aviation grade aluminum alloy

Processing Technology

Polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, mirror gloss


2-4N /cm high-strength tempered glass

Waterproof Level  



SOCA full lamination process, UV optical adhesive, optional touch screen

Software Parameters

Operating System

Android 5.1

Face Capacity


Offline Records

100,000 photos, 1,000,000 without photos

Recognition Distance


Live Identification

Support, infrared sensing

Infrared Face Features


Recognition Speed

200-300ms(within 30,000 faces)

Face Input on Mobile Phone

Support face input on mobile phone

Working Environment

Operating Temperature




Power Input

DC12V, 3A

Temperature Parameter


Temperature Sensing Module

Non-contact, infrared thermal imaging

Operating Temperature


Target Temperature


Detection Accuracy


Recognition Distance




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