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Automated Contactless RFID Reader

Product serial number
Access Control IDL-MJ100
Thing perception, automatically open the door and “Press” the elevator to make light more intelligent; Single door controller with built-in power; Door card reader; Exit Button; PC serial port; Intelligent Terminal;
Function Features
Technical Parameters
The traditional swing card system uses the ID or IC card. The owners need to get close to the card reader which is very inconvenient. Now we develop induction card technology that is same as car keyless start system and can be inducted within one meter. Just carry the card, but no need to swipe it. It can be identified and verified automatically when approaches to the reader within one meter. It brings in much safer and more intelligent life for the owners.
Product Advantages 
No swipe card, 1 meter induction, automatic identification;
4G transmission, support cloud platform management, achieves large data accurate collection;
Support Identification Card (optional), temporary visitors management;
Simple installation and commissioning, can manage the device by mobile APP.
Product Functions
Support IC/ID card; Support RFID one meter induction and identification;
Support Identification Card (optional); Support offline work;
Support 4G transmission; support password recognition;
Support access control function.
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Technical Parameters

Dimension:  130 *80 *23 (mm)

Operating Voltage: DC 12V

Environment Temperature: 0 to 60 degree

Operating Current: 200mA

Operating Frequency: 125K + 433M, 13.56M, 125K

Communication Interface: RS485, 4G, Bluetooth

Record Content: 80000

Waterproof Rating: IP40


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