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Automatic Lifting Bollard IDL-CE6

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Function Features
Technical Parameters
1) A variety of body colors can be customized to meet the needs of different users and scenarios.  
2) It adopts round ground cover and has a non-slip texture design. Both the ground cover and the column cover are made of 304 stainless steel.
3) Adopt double traveling flange and thickened sideway support rod structure, which greatly increases the anti-collision level.
4) Two different power units are available to meet the needs of different speeds.
5) Electro-hydraulic integrated fully sealed power unit.
6) The emergency release of the manual solenoid valve is lowered during power failure.
7) The insulation resistance between the power supply of the road barrier equipment, the power lead-in terminal and the bare metal parts of the enclosure, the reinforced insulation equipment is not less than 5MΩ, and the basic insulation equipment is not less than 2MΩ to ensure the safety of use.
8) After 48h salt spray inspection, it meets the 9th level requirements in QB/T3832-1999 Table 2 , so that the product can work normally under harsh conditions.
9) A single barricade device with a diameter of 220 mm and a lifting height of 600 mm can withstand a load of 6.8 tons and a speed of 65KM per hour. After the impact, it can work normally and the vehicle body breaks into less than 10 meters. 
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