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Automatic Roadblock IDL-CE7

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Function Features
Technical Parameters
1) Breakthrough structural design, densely lined with high-carbon steel frame, greatly improving the anti-collision performance.
2) Thickened and high-strength panel design greatly improves the pressure resistance and passing ability of roadblocks.
3) The broken tire thorns are made of 304 stainless steel, which has anti-corrosion ability and a certain deterrent effect.
4) The inside of the equipment adopts an electro-hydraulic integrated fully sealed power unit, without laying underground hydraulic pipelines, simple installation and low construction cost.
5) The emergency release of the manual solenoid valve after a power failure is lowered to ensure the passage of emergency vehicles after a power failure.
6) Ultra-high-brightness LED lights remind users to pass safely during the lifting and lowering of roadblocks.
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