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Barrier Gate IDL-VBY1Y

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Barrier Gate IDL-VBY1Y
High-speed barrier gate; up to 3.5m arm length; Arm Speed is 1.2s; outdoor and indoor.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Automatic Parking Barrier Gate

Function Features

1) High system integration and powerful function;

2) Adopt elevating overtime and motor overheating protection to prevent abnormal damage of the gate;

3) Adopt Hall sensing device to conduct inductive limit control, non-contact work, never abrasion and offset;

4) Adopt imported large power relay with original packaging to ensure reliable operation of barrier gate.

5) Adopt imported photoelectric isolated protection circuit with original packaging to ensure signal integrity and resistance to strong interference.

6) Wireless remote control receiving module integrating one million groups of learning codes with high performance to ensure operation stability.

7) Adopt unique arc extinction processing circuit to ensure service life of control panel.

8) Adopt transformer with imported magnetic core and original packaging, be able to work stably under outdoor moist environment.

9) Provide extra 12V/100mA power supply, convenient to connect different types of limit detection device.

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Technical Parameters

Voltage: AC220/AC110  50HZ

Rated power: 80W

Motor working temperature (degree Celsius): -30 degree<C<80degree

Cabinet weight: 55KG

Protection grade: IP44

Color: Red (Grey, Orange, Yellow or others selectable)

Arm Speed: 1.5s,2.5s,5s

Pole: no more than 6 meters(suggest use 3m)

Height of the center of rod from ground: 830 (or 890)

Remote-controlled distance: More than 30 meters

Communication interface:  Enhancement type RS232 (Can be connected directly to computer for use)

Case Material Thickness: 2mm(other manufacturer only has 1.5mm)

Surface: Electrostatic spray, only slight fade after 3 years;

Barrier controller with anti-mositure; 




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