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Barrier Radar Detector IDL-VBR10

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Barrier Radar Detector IDL-VBR10
The barrier radar detector adopts 24-24.5GHz Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and high-speed digital signal processing technology to calculate the target distance.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Are you still troubled to install loop detector and loops?

   1) Cutting ground-Waste time and not good looking;

   2) Complex wiring-Messy and Difficult;

   3) Mud road-Cannot fix the loop;

   4) Cannot detect big truck, trailer or other vehicles with high-bed.


Why choose barrier radar detector?

   1) Can replace loop detector completely; no wiring layout, save time and cost.

   2) Easy installation; Easy parameters setting; Adjustable distance from 1 to 6m.

   3) Work in range of 24-24.5Ghz without effects from any climatic environment.

   4) Can effectively distinguish vehicles and humans to avoid any hitting.

   5) Can be used for trigger detection, e.g. trigger camera to capture the picture.

   6) Can be used to trigger the alarm in the warning zone.

   7) Can record the traffic and no data is lost when power is off.


Radar Detector Installation

   1) The trigger radar and the anti-smash radar should be installed perpendicular to the lane’s direction. The anti-smash radar is installed on the cabinet below the barrier pole. The trigger radar is installed on the special bracket for the radar installation. The optimal height from the ground to the radar center is 0.6 meters.

   2) The barrier’s cabinet must be fixed firmly to avoid shaking when the barrier is working.

   3) Within the detection area, there should be no obstacles other than the barrier pole, e.g. traffic cones, isolation bars, signs, etc..

   4) Please update the radar background in time after the environment in the detecting area is changed.

   5) Anti-smash Radar Detector Installation Diagram 

Wiring Definition





Power Input +12VDC


Power Input GND


Relay Output COM(RS485+ ordered)


Relay Output NC(RS485+ ordered)


Function Switch Input


Function Switch Input Ground


Relay Output COM


Relay Output NO



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1)   Input Voltage: DC12V  150mA

2)   Working Frequency: 24-24.5GHz

3)   Modulation Mode: FMCW

4)   Sending Power: 10-15dBm

5)   Angle between the Beam and Pole: Wide wave 15°, Narrow wave 12°

6)   Detection Distance: 1 – 6 meters, ±0.2 meters

7)   Communication Method: RS485, Baud Rate 115200

8)   Working Temperature: -40~+85

9)   Protection Level: IP67

10)   Dimension(L*W*H): 131mm*106mm*28.5mm


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