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Fingerprint Reader IDL-ABF01

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Fingerprint Reader IDL-ABF01
1-touch 1-second employee recognition; Capacity to store 2200 template and 50000 transactions; No need to enter PINs.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Fingerprint RFID Reader is with 1-touch 1-second employee recognition.


Function Features
1) 1-touch 1-second employee recognition
2) Capacity to store 2200 template and 50000 transactions
3) No need to enter PINs
4) Supports 50 time zones,5 groups and 10 unlock combinations
5) Tamper-proofs switch and alarm outputs
6) Request-to-exit and alarm contacts
7) Operates stand-alone without a computer
8) TCP/IP, serial and Wiegand interfaces
9) Real-time 1-touch data export to 3rd party hosted & non-hosted applications
10) Audio-Visual indications for acceptance & rejection of valid and invalid fingerprints
11) SDK available for OEM customers and software developers


Technical Parameters
Fingerprint Capacity: 2200 templates
Transaction Capacity: 50,000
Hardware Platform:ZEM500
Sensor: ZK Optical Sensor
Algorithm Version: ZK Finger V9.0
Communication: RS232/485,TCP/IP,USB-host
Access Control Interface for: 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, Door Bell
Standard Functions: SMS,DLST, Webserver, Workcode, Anti-passback
Optional Functions: ID,Mifare,HID,Scheduled-Bell,9 digit user ID, Selef-service Query, Automatic Status Switch,Soap, printer
Wiegand Signal: Input & Output
Display: B&W LCD Screen
Power Supply: 12V DC
Operating Temperature: 0℃-45℃
Operating Humidity:20%-80%
Dimension(W*H*D)mm: 140.5*116*43.5
Gross Weigth:0.85KG

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