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Flap Gate IDL-PT106

Product serial number
Flap Gate IDL-PT106
Bridge Oblique Angle Flap Gate; Self-reported failure prompts function; Traffic lights and channel indicator function.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

The bridge oblique angle flap gate has self-reported failure prompts function. This flap gate also has traffic lights and channel indicator function.


Function Features
1) Self-reported failure prompts function
2) Traffic lights and channel indicator function
3) Normally open button function
4) Flap arm open automatically when power off and close when power on
5) Line self-test function
6) Illegal intrusion alarm function
7) Pinch protection function with mechanical, electronic and slip
8) Control access and free access can be adjusted


Technical Parameters
Material:304 stainless steel
Channel Width: folio<1200mm
Working Mode: Single/ bi-direction (adjustable)
Read/Write mode: IC/ID/magnetic card/barcode/fingerprint, etc.
Temperature: -25℃ to 70℃
Power Supply: AC220V 10%,50HZ
Relative Humidity: <95%
Drive Motor:DC30W/24V
Gate Operation Time: about 2 second
Communication Port:RS485
Input Port: Switching Signal

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