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Flap Gate IDL-PT109

Product serial number
Flap Gate IDL-PT109
Self-reported failure and alarm prompts function; Card reading with memory; Humane passage indicator.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

The flap gate has self-reported failure and alarm prompts function; flap turnstile gate is with card reading with memory and human passage indicator.


Function Features
1) Self-reported failure and alarm prompts function
2) Can program device running status online
3) Card reading with memory
4) Can count passengers number
5) Humane passage indicator
6) Automatically reset function
7) Have reliable safety protection measures
8) Can open gate automatically when power off
9) Connection to various readers and remote control and management by PC


Technical Parameters
Material:304 stainless steel
Channel Width: folio<600mm
Working Mode: Single/ bi-direction (adjustable),anti-trailing
Read/Write mode: IC/ID/magnetic card/barcode/fingerprint, etc.

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