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Full-height Turnstile IDL-ATH100

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Full-height Turnstile IDL-ATH100
Automatic reset; Automatic gate opening when power off; Illegal intrusion prevention; Anti-reverse pass; Self-check when power on,etc..
Function Features
Technical Parameters

The full-height turnstile gate has automatic rese functiont. This turnstile gate can open gate automatically when power off. THe turnstile also has illegal intrusion prevention, anti-reverse pass and self-check when power on,etc..


Function Features
1) Automatic reset function
2) Automatic gate opening when power off
3) Illegal intrusion prevention function
4) Anti-reverse pass function
5) Self-check when power on
6) Intelligent linkage alarm
7) Anti-rush function
8) Emergency escape function
9) Access instruction function
10) Batch setting function

Technical Parameters
Material:304 stainless steel(default), 316 stainless steel(optional)
Arm Length:500mm(default),700mm(maximum)
Arm External
Arm maximum endurance:85KG
Arm rotate driving force:1KG
Supply Voltage:AC220V/AC85-220V
Working Voltage: DC24V
Operation Consumption:40W
Standby Consumption:20W
Communication Interface:RS485
Working Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%(no condensation)
Working Environment: indoor/outdoor
MCBF:5,000,000 times
MTTR:=30 minutes

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