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High-speed Barrier Gate IDL-VBH1G

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Barrier Gate IDL-VBH1G
Fast arm speed,0.7S; Digital stepper motor;Anti-smash;Anti-collision, Specially designed for highway;
Function Features
Technical Parameters

High-speed Barrier Gate


Function Features

1) High-speed fall/down, stable operation, adjustable speed, dedicated to the ETC Toll Collection System;

2) Adopt professional digital stepper motor to make it stable operation at low/high speed;

3) Anti-smash Function: When the arm fall within the range of the horizontal arm angle more than 15 degree, it will lift automatically to prevent smashing cars if vehicles are in the coil induction area;

4) Anti-collision Function:  It is equipped with the rotary device between the arm and spindle railing and can turn on the arm when the railing is crashed;

5) The arm will lift automatically when power off.


Technical Parameters

Arm Length: 2.8m

Arm Speed: 0.7s

Voltage: 220V ±10%

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 500 W(Max)

Dimension: 300*270*1000MM(L*W*H)

Remote Distance: 10~30m

Motor: Digital stepper motor

Life Span: 5,000,000 Cycle

Net Weight (not include arm): 40KG

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