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Infrared Barrier IDL-IB01

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Infrared Barrier IDL-IB01
CPU microprocessor, good performance against outdoor interference.Multiple Interactive infrared beams shooting. NC/NO relay output
Function Features
Technical Parameters

The infrared barrier is with CPU microprocessor, good performance against outdoor interference.


Function Features

Multiple Interactive infrared beams shooting;

Adjacently 2 beams interruption detection;

NC/NO relay output;

Easy alignment with visual LED indicator and audible buzzer;

High quality aluminum alloys cover;

Resistant to rain, fog, snow and frost;

Digital frequency conversion;

CPU microprocessor, good performance against outdoor interference; 

AGC pure digital circuit design, DSP digital chip programming, really reduce false alarm.

Horizontal optical angle can be easy to adjust (180°)


Technical Parameters

Detecting distance: 10m-100m

Height: 48cm-204cm

Beams: 2-12 beams

Response speed: 40msec

Alarm output: Switch signal output (NO/NC)

Tamper: NC/NO. 1B contact output,DC26V/0.5AMax.

Power and voltage: DC10-18V

Operation current: 30-90mAmax

Working temperature: -25℃-55℃

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