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Intelligent Advertising Door IDL-IAD06

Product serial number
Advertising Door IDL-IAD06
Intelligent Door—Open the door without hands!
Function Features
Technical Parameters
Intelligent Advertising Door shows the first perfact image. Automatic Identification, Hands-free Access. 
Product Advantages
Highlight imported LED, No shadow in the screen, Long lifespan;
Waterproof rating IP40 for both indoor and outdoor;
Box design and can open the lock to replace the advertisement;
High-power DC motor, Open/Close without effect from wind resistance;
1.5 to 1.8mm steel plate, Laser cutting molding, Strong and Durable;
Concentric design, Stable and reliable working;
Electrostatic spray, anti-fade, exquisite craft.
Product Functions
Automatic Identification, Automatic Opening, Automatic Closing;
Intelligent security control system to ensure pedestrian Safety;
Automatic Voice Prompts when the door is running;
Automatic detecting when door closes, automatic voice prompt when door doesn’t close;
Automatic LED lighting control;
Automatically detect and prompt when use exception;
Can adjust the open/close speed.
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Technical Parameters
Dimension: 1435*120*1600(mm)
Weight: 112KG
Operating Voltage: DC 24V
Rated Power: 75W
Door Opening angle: 90 degree
Color: checkered agate black
Configuration: Door closer (optional), intelligent door opener (optional)


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