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Intelligent thermal imaging integrated thermometer IDL-TIM06

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It can quickly to the crowd fever symptoms of personnel for screening and warning. And accurately display the maximum temperature value.
Function Features
Technical Parameters
Artificial intelligence temperature detection system:
High precision blackbody;
High-definition visible light camera;
High performance temperature measuring engine;
Non-medical、Artificial intelligence driver;
Autoalarm、visual platform, high precision thermal imaging detection system;
It can quickly to the crowd fever symptoms of personnel for screening and warning;
And accurately display the maximum temperature value;
The equipment is widely used in airports, stations, schools, hospitals, factories, shopping malls and other large adult traffic public place.
Camera + embedded motherboard + black body integrated structure;
High-sensitivity infrared cameras have black body automatic correction without fear of environmental changes;
Support facial capture for rapid screening of temperature anomalies for personnel;
Without on-site manual intervention, it can accurately identify and quickly analyze the temperature of individual personnel;
The temperature resolution of the instrument can reach ±0.2°C, which is suitable for remote measurement of large flow rate and large area;
Support access platform "Screening and tracking system for suspected fever" to realize real-time preview and background data management in the cloud;
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