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Lifting Bollard Control System IDL-CP1000

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Function Features
Technical Parameters
1) Embedded industrial-grade control board, stable and reliable. 
2) The internal layout and wiring are scientific, reasonable and beautiful; all components are purchased from first-line high-quality brands.
3) Automatic detection of power supply mode, built-in roadblock warning light interface, adjustable flashing mode, control function can be programmed locally or remotely.
4) A single controller can manage up to 64 roadblock devices, and each roadblock can be individually controlled (Requires external expansion box).  
5) Equipped with anti-terrorism emergency response and fire emergency response linkage function. In an emergency, it can be forcibly raised or lowered.
6) Single-channel, dual-channel to realize one-in-one-out or mixed-in and mixed-out access management.
7) Networked remote control through cloud platform.
8) Certain models have the function of holding pressure.
9) The anti-roof vehicle function can be realized through the linkage of loop detector, infrared, and roadblock top sensing radar.
10) Has the function of emergency descending after power failure.
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