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Loop Detector IDL-VPL800

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Loop Detector IDL-VPL800
Single channel inductive loop detectors; adjustable in 3 increments (high .medium. low).
Function Features
Technical Parameters

It is a single channel inductive loop detector. The principle is based on a change in the inductance within the loop which is caused by the metallic components of passing vehicles. The changes are picked up and evaluated by a microprocessor. Ease of use due to the automatic calibration when the operating voltage is applied.


Technical Parameters

Power Supply: AC/DC  12~24V

Power Consumption: 3W maximum

Output Relay:  120V/3A AC

Work Temperature:  - 20℃ to+70℃

Loop Inductance Range:  50- 800uH (100~300uH)

Work Frequency:  20 - 130KHz

Sensitivity:  4 class adjustable

Automatic Calibration:  1s - 2s

Dimensions:  79×22.5×90mm(L×W×H )

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