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Mechanical Lock IDL-ALM01

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Anti-Residual Magnetism Designed; High Strength Material, Anodized Aluminum Housing.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

The mechanical lock desined with anti-residual magnetism. The lock can increase the holding force.


Function Features
1) Collinear Load Test 180kgx2,350poundsx2.
2) Dual Voltage 12 or 24 VDC(optional).
3) The Standard Voltage is 12VDC when Finished.
4) MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection.
5) Anti-Residual Magnetism Designed.
6) High Strength Material, Anodized Aluminum Housing.
7) Design without Mechanical Failure.
8) Increase the holding Force,Dual Insulative Housing.
9) CE Certificate by European Union,MA Certificate by China Public Security Office.


Technical Parameters
Input Voltage: 12/24VDC+10%
Current Draw: 300mAx2 at 12VDC 150mAx2 at 24VDC
Suitable: Wooden door , Glass door ,Metal door , Fireproof door
Surface Temp: ≤+20℃
Operating Temp: -10~+55℃(14-131F)
Humidity: 0~90%(non-condensing)
Cover Finish: Anodized aluminum
Lock Finish: Zinc
Armature Plate Finish: Zinc
Weight: 2.4KG
Dimension: 340Lx41.4Wx20.5H(mm)
Armature Plate Dimension: 130Lx33Wx9.3H(mm)
Holding Force: 180kgx2(350Lbsx2)

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