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Mid-Range EM RFID Reader IDL-RMR09

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Mid-Range EM Reader IDL-RMR09
Low cost and high performance long range 125kHz proximity card reader for reading ID code from EM4100 compatible read-only tags
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Mid-range EM RFID Reader 125K with 1 meter reading distance

Function Features

1) High sensitivity and reliable performance;

2) Built-in transceiver antenna for maximum performance;

3) Maximum effective distance up to 1000mm;

4) Less than 100ms decoding time;

5) Low power dissipation with single power supply;

6) Multiple output format optional

7) Built-in buzzer;

8) Potted for environmental protection


Technical Parameters

Power Requirement

Operating Voltage :+12 VDC (linear power supplies are recommended);

Max Average Current 12V: 300mA;

Interface/output format: Wiegand 26  Wiegand 34  or other optional;

Cards/Tags: compatible with EM4100;

Typical Maximum Read Range: Up to 1000mm even more longer in ideal conditions;

Frequency: 125kHz typical;

Transponder: Read Only;

Audio/visual Indication: Buzzer output;

Operating Temperature: -20° to + 55°C;

Color: Grey;

Dimension: 239mm x 239mm x 32mm;

Weight: about 1.5 Kg;

Diagnostics: On reader power up, a internal self-test routine checks and verifies the set-up configuration, determines the internal or external control of the LED and beeper, and        initializes the reader operation;

LED Control(default):  internal/single;

LED type: Red/Green;

Beeper Control(default): Beeper enabled

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