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Mifare RFID Reader IDL-RPR2C

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Mifare RFID Reader IDL-RPR2C
Advanced FLASH storage technology; 100 sets of control time zones; anti-stress functions; Built-in card reader.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Mifare RFID Reader 13.56Mhz with keys and LCD display

Function Features
1) Special designs , fashionable, beautiful energy-saving background light
2) Used imported PC material with impact resistance , heat resistance and strong rot resistance
3) Using advanced FLASH storage technology , it can save the information for ten years even if the power is off
4) With the Ray carving technology , the numbers of the keypad are wear-resistant, hardly falling in the longtime use
5) With 100 sets of control time zones ,it can control when and how to open the door .( just set up in the software).
6) It not only can register the user card on the controllor by the manager card ( used dependently), but also can register in the software.
7) A variety of passwords, flexible use. Super password isn’t controlled from access system , personal password can be set up directly on the keypad
8) With anti-stress functions, if personal passwords input reversedly , the alarm will immediately ring as the door open, it can offer access to the alarm center.
9) Built-in card reader, and with the WG signal output. can be connected an external card reader (WG26/34). Can swipe card bi-directionally
10) high safety performance, with the function of anti-tamper
11) With a reverse current protection, lightning protection, anti-crash design, self-detection
12) Free green software, with basic and simple functions , easy to operate .

Technical Parameters
Communications Format: RS-485, TCP/IP ( via TCP/IP converter ) 
Operate Voltage: 12VDC±3 VDC 
Transmission Speed: 9600 bps( N,8.1)
Operate Current: <100 mA 
Registered Users: 10000 
Consumed Power: <1W 
Capacity of Records: 10000 
Card Type: EM   ( ID ) 
Card   Memory: 4M bits Flash Memory  
Frequency: 125 KHz  
Open Mode: card / card+ code / UID + code / Super Code 
Read  Distance: 80 mm 
Flash card indications: Buzzer /OLED display/LED light  
Humidity: 10% ~95%  
Temperature: -30℃~66 ℃ 
Weight: 268g  
Dimension: 96*96*22  mm 

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