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Parking Guiding Controller IDL-VPG320

Product serial number
Guiding Controller IDL-VPG320
Industrial grade 32bits ARM microprocessor; Embedded real-time operating system(RTOS); CAN bus network; Offline work.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Parking Guiding Controller integrates 5 lines high-speed real-time RS485 bus port.


Function Features
1) Industrial grade 32bits ARM microprocessor
2) Embedded real-time operating system(RTOS)
3) CAN bus network
4) Integrating 5 lines high-speed real-time RS485 bus port
5) Offline work, can be cut off from computer and work independently
6) Parking lots data is collected and issued in real time
7) GPRS-DTU module can be connected to Central Control Unit(CCU)


Technical Parameters
Power Supply: DC12V/1A
CAN bus network can be up to 3000 meters
58 zones and 62 extensions set can be managed by one host
32 parking lots and 8 pcs of parking guiding display can managed by each RS485 bus
Off-line records can be stored up to 60 days

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