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RFID Card Dispenser IDL-RBF08

Product serial number
RFID Card Dispenser IDL-RBF08
RFID Smart Card Writer;Free drive; Free external power supply; Long range card remote operation; Authorize and encrypt RFID cards.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

RFID Card Dispenser

Function Features
1)Mini design, easy to carry
2) Simple operation, long range card remote operation
3)Can set issue status, encryption status and decryption status according to needs
4) USB port, free driver, free external power supply
5) The structure parts adopt heat-resistant and anti-aging materials

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Technical Parameters
Power Supply: DC12V/3A
Communication Interface: RS485,VG26,VG34
Receiving Frequency: 433MHZ
Reading Area:60 degree conical area
Barrier Control: relay can control barrier directly
Reading Distance: 3 to 15 adjustable
Working Temperature/Humidity: -30℃ to +80℃/ 10% to 90%
Pole Specification: ø60MM*1500MM/ telescopic pole optional
Appearance Process: Use outdoor powder, electrostatic spraying


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