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Active RFID Tag up to 20m reading; Solar recharging; Support IC/ID card,use alone; Fast and reliable; Anti-removal,anti-theft.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Long Range RFID Transponder/RFID card/RFID Tag can read up to 20m; Standby when out of reading area; Strong signal penetration; Fast and reliable identification; Windshield mounted and easy installation.


Function Features
1) Functional design, exquisite high-end cards
2) Card-compatible function, can read EM (125K) or Mifare (13.56MHZ) card. Long-distance transmission after insert the card,
3) Monocrystalline and low-light solar recharging with backup battery to ensure its normal work at night
4) Tamper-resistant function optional. Its procedure will be locked automatically once the mother card is destroyed intentionally. It needs to be re-activated before use again.
5) Strong anti-light processing and the card can read up to 15 meters under burning sun
6) Super-penetration and can adjust the infrared angle according to different vehicles
7) The structure parts adopt heat-resistant and anti-aging materials


Product Application
Intelligent Parking Management System;
All-in-one Card Access Control System;
Non-stop Vehicle Counting System;
Non-stop Bus Attendance System;
Electronic Road Driving Test System, etc.
For more applications, please consult us.
Why Choose Our RFID Card/RFID Tag/RFID Transponder?
1) Enjoy the convenient of handsfree - no need stop to flash card.
2) No more getting hand wet during rainy days or expose to robbery threat when winding down windows to flash card.
3) Reduce congestion of long car queue during peak hours.
4) Add premium prestige reputation to your residential or commercial building.

Installation - RFID Tags/RFID Cards/RFID Transponders
Absorb the RFID card holder to the appropriate position at back of the rear-view mirror and then insert the card. Please put the card active window towards the reader.

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Technical Parameters
Identification Distance: up to 30m (RBR08 series readers)
Sending Frequency: 433M
Activated Frequency: 38K
Working Voltage: 2.5~3V
Standby Current: less than 5μA
Working Current: < 2mA
Battery Standard: Solar energy and two pcs of 2450/3V battery for backup
Dimension:60*45*7.6 MM


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