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Long Range RFID Reader up to 20M reading; Fast and reliable, no queues anymore; Compatible with any parking and access control systems.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

Long Range RFID Reader can penetrate most vehicle solar film; Hand-free up to 20m reading; Fast and reliable identification, no queues anymore; Compatible with any parking and access control systems.

Function Features
1) Based on ARM development, powerful function and stable performance
2) Industrial design, adaptable to global climate
3) 60 degree directional scanning identification, completely solves the false identification from following cars
4) 15 sets of dual-way authentication codes, no interference from the adjacent lanes
5) Stable signal without impact from the cars' film

Intelligent Parking Management System;
All-in-one Card Access Control System;
Non-stop Vehicle Counting System;
Non-stop Bus Attendance System;
Electronic Road Driving Test System,etc.

Why Choose Our RFID Reader?
1) Enjoy the convenient of handsfree - no need stop to flash card.
2) No more getting hand wet during rainy days or expose to robbery threat when winding down windows to flash card.
3) Reduce congestion of long car queue during peak hours.
4) Add premium prestige reputation to your residential or commercial building.

Installation - RFID Reader
As shown below, the angle between the card reader and the pole is about 20 degree. The front of the reader tilts 30 degree to the direction that cars come.



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Technical Parameters

Power Supply: DC12V/3A

Communication Interface: RS485,VG26,VG34

Receiving Frequency: 433MHZ

Reading Area:60 degree conical area

Barrier Control: relay can control barrier directly

Reading Distance: 3 to 15 adjustable

Working Temperature/Humidity: -30℃ to +80℃/ 10% to 90%

Pole Specification: 1500MM aluminum telescopic pole


Appearance Process: The bottom half of the pole ø75MM with stainless steel; the upper half of the pole ø50MM with stainless steel; 1200 to 1500MM adjustable


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