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UHF Anti-torn Label IDL-RUT06
The UHF RFID Anti-torn labels has strong sticky. Once the UHF sticker is removed, it will be destroyed.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

UHF RFID Anti-torn Label/UHF RFID Stickers

Technical Parameters

Protocol:ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)
Working Frequency: ISM 902~928MHz or 860~870MHz
Working Mode: FHSS
Memory: EPC 96bits and can be extended to 256bits
Reading Speed: Set by software and less than 10ms per 64bits for single card
Reading Distance:12m(Related to the reader and antenna)                  
Feature: Adopt special Die process and with strong stickiness; once stick,it can be used and will be destroyed when remove.


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