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UHF RFID Desktop Writer IDL-RUF10

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UHF Desktop Writer IDL-RUF10
UHF RFID Card Writer and UHF RFID Desktop Writer is to write the info of UHF RFID Card ,RFID Sticker, UHF RFID tag, RFID labels.
Function Features
Technical Parameters

UHF Desktop Writer/UHF RFID Tag Writer

Technical Parameters
Working Frequency:902~928MHz(frequency customization optional);
Read/Write Distance: Reading distance is from o to 400mm and writing distance is from 0 to 300mm;
Protocol: Support UHF EPC Gen2(ISO18000-6C),ISO18000-6B card;
Interface: RS232,Wiegand port(Ethernet port / RJ45 optional);
Working Mode: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum(FHSS) or Fixed-frequency transmitter;
RF Power: Max 30dbm.adjustable;
Provides Dynamic Link Library (DLL), support C++/VB/VC/C#/JAVA secondary development;  Low power consumption design, single 9V power supply;Support response (interactive) mode and active mode; Under active mode, output format and parameters can be configured

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